Research and Resources


Final Report: TEA/IRJRD Statewide Restorative Discipline Project

Restorative Practices at a Charter K-3 Elementary School: First Year Implementation Evaluation

Third Year Ed White Middle School Restorative Discipline Report

Second Year Ed White Middle School Restorative Discipline Report

First Year Ed White Middle School Restorative Discipline Report: Ed White Middle School Restorative Discipline Evaluation: Implementation & Impact, 2012/2013, Sixth Grade, by Dr. Marilyn Armour


“Restoring Schools” Video

Restorative Practices: Righting the Wrongs of Exclusionary School Discipline by Dr. Marilyn Armour

2015 Allen Chair Symposium-School Inequality: Challenges and Solutions

Into the Fold, Episode 22: Restorative Discipline in Schools, Mental Health Daily: A Service of the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health

Restorative Discipline Best Practices handout

Handout from TASSP – TEPSA Conference, June 2014

Minnesota Department of Education Restorative Interventions Implementation Toolkit – Tool for Assessing Readiness

Restorative Justice in School Communities: Successes, Obstacles, and Areas for Improvement, by Heather T. Jones. A critical analysis of school-based restorative programs.

Ed White Restorative Discipline Teacher’s Manual

Los Angeles Unified School District: 2013 School Discipline Policy and School Climate Bill of Rights

RD in the Media

Discipline Referrals Down in Brooklyn City Schools

NPR – Colorado high school replaces punishment with ‘talking circles’

RJ in Fairfax County Schools

RJ in Pinellas County Schools

Suspensions Linked to Further Delinquency

‘School Suspensions Are an Adult Behavior’ – Rosemarie Allen

Suspension Don’t Discipline Kids

Children in stricter middle schools are less likely to go to college — and more likely to get arrested

Students Move Further Down School-to-Prison Pipeline With Every School Suspension

Visit these websites for school districts engaged in Restorative Discipline: